Products That Are Leading
The Market

Bringing our clients the very best in fuel system technology and products.

Here at PSA we align ourselves with industry leaders in fuel system equipment and technology, bringing the best in the market to our valued clients.

We can provide a huge range of products for every facete of your business, from customer facing equipment through to the technology that keeps your sites running, above and below ground.

Whether we are maintaining and servicing your sites or working with you with our project services, PSA brings only the best equipment and products from around the globe.

Pumps &

Low flow & High flow

Decals & Signage

Nozzles, Hoses & fittings

Safety equipment and shut offs

fuel systems
& storage

Fuel storage tanks

UPP & NUPI pippings

Spill Containment Boxes

Tank and system monitoring

Icon Containment

World leading containment products

Highly effective & long lasting

Huge range of products

Key Manufacturers & Distributors


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