We know that different procedures and materials are used to construct the advanced and sophisticated structures we see today. It is also possible that similar procedures and materials are used in constructing simple structures.

The materials and procedures used to construct simple or sophisticated structures share some unique properties that make them practical for such construction purposes. One of those construction materials is the sheet pile. This article will highlight the different types of sheet piles and their uses.

Sheet piles are construction materials that provide reinforcement, stability, and strength in construction projects. It exists in different types; namely:

  • Concrete sheet piles: As the name implies, these are made from concrete and are either pre-casted or cast on construction sites.
  • Steel sheet piles: These sheet piles are made from steel and are one of the most used types of sheet piles.
  • Vinyl sheet piles: These are also called PVC sheet piles; they are made from a unique plastic consisting of chlorine from common salt and ethylene from crude oil.

Uses of Sheet Piles

The uses of sheet piles are classified into two, and they are:

  1. Permanent use: These involve permanently installing sheet piles on the site. Part of the properties of sheet piles is high retaining strength; thus, they can be installed permanently on sites to reinforce a structure. The sheet piles used for permanent construction purposes are concrete and steel sheet piles. Vinyl sheet piles can be used for permanent construction purposes but provided the structure will not be bearing large loads.
  2. Temporary use: This involves using sheet piles to uphold a structure temporarily. The sheet piles are later removed once the structure has the strength to stand on its own. The sheet piles used for this purpose are steel and vinyl sheet piles.

Application of Sheet Piles

There are specific construction projects where sheet piles are employed. These applications include:

  1. In retaining walls: Sheet Piles can retain soil structures and water due to their high retaining strength; thus, it is used when retaining walls (temporary use) or retaining structures (permanent use). Its use when constructing retaining walls helps create enough space for construction activities, retaining structures like underground storage facilities, and more.
  2. Marine applications: Sheet piles are used to construct marine structures like Seawalls, dams, Waterfronts, and riverbanks, as these are some permanent uses. Its temporary use in a marine application is used in mooring ships and vessels in harbors and shipyards.
  3. Basement: Steel sheet piles are mostly preferred for this construction project because they offer more stability, robustness, quick installation time, and cut construction costs.

Why Sheet Piles Are the Preferred Construction Materials for Reinforcing Structures

There are specific reasons sheet piles are the preferred choice of materials to reinforce structures during construction. These reasons are:

  1. Faster installation and construction than reinforcement walls.
  2. It is safe for different ground nature because some reinforcement walls can offer some disturbance to the ground.
  3. Sheet piles are visually and aesthetically appealing.
  4. It maximizes construction space.
  5. They are compatible with all soil types and are sustainable products.


The information provided above highlights what sheet piles are, the different types of sheet piles, and their various uses. This is so that you can have adequate knowledge of their applications and how best to use them. If your project requires sheet piling reinforcement, speak with a trusted sheet piling service contractor today.