wellpoint system

It is already established that dewatering is a process of removing excess groundwater in a site where work is being conducted, and it exists in different forms. However, this diversity exists because there are different soil types amidst a plethora of factors that influence the removal of groundwater in a site. Hence, there is a need to be cautious when choosing a dewatering method for a site because choosing the wrong dewatering method can negatively impact the environment, the work being conducted, and the workers on the site.

A popular dewatering method of interest is the WellPoint Systems. It is essential to mention that each dewatering method is unique in its rights, and to make the right choice; you should know what makes them unique. The article focuses on WellPoint Systems by highlighting how it works, its benefits, and factors to consider when choosing WellPoint System for your site.

Definition: WellPoint Systems

WellPoint System of dewatering uses shallow Wells located at strategic positions around the construction site to extract groundwater from a site. This system involves drilling shallow wells with a calculated depth suitable for the site where work is being conducted, and then a suction pump is used to draw out water from the WellPoint(s), all connected via the main pipe. The main pipe is connected to riser pipes in each well point through a flex bow. The water extracted from the site is either channeled to a nearby waterbody or collected in a tank where it is taken out of the site.

Benefits of WellPoint Systems

Several benefits highlight how unique WellPoint Systems are. These benefits include:

  1. Flexibility: This dewatering method can be adapted to suit the demands of any site. This is one of the few dewatering methods used in large and small sites and delivers efficient dewatering results.
  2. Versatility: An issue with choosing dewatering methods is finding a method suitable for the Soil’s type and condition. However, WellPoint Systems offers the versatility that allows it to be used for any site irrespective of the soil conditions. Still, it needs to be supervised and conducted by a professional with the experience to show.
  3. Cost-effective: This method is one of the fee dewatering methods that can be conducted on a lease. All you need do is have a professional estimate the duration of dewatering and the costs involved. The highlight is that it is convenient for any budget and produces optimal results.
  4. Less impact on the environment: A proficient dewatering method can extract water from a site without affecting the soil quality and the environmental disruption. WellPoint Systems offers these benefits as it does not affect the soil quality while providing a convenient working area.

Tips to Consider When Choosing WellPoint Systems

These are some tips to guide your choice of dewatering techniques for your site:

  1. Choose a dewatering firm with the experience and reputation to show.
  2. Have a professional examine the site to decipher if WellPoint System is suitable for the site.
  3. Choose a firm that is readily and steadily available.
  4. Ask questions about WellPoint System because it helps to be informed on a topic.


WellPoint Systems are very popular amongst dewatering firms because of their unique properties, and this article has highlighted them through their benefits and more.